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First Hill Studio

James teaches all levels of classical guitar, electric guitar, acoustic/folk guitar, and music production from his home studio (First Hill) and his work studio in the Old Rainier Brewery (SoDo). 

Lessons are comprehensive, with a broad range of topics designed to help you reach your goals. Focuses include musicality, posture, technique, breathing, practice habits, mental clarity, and music and fretboard theory.  With an attention to detail and keen observational skills, progress under his guidance is inevitable. James is especially adept a taking stagnating musicians to the next level. His ability to communicate insights and find solutions to mental and physical errors are an invaluable tool for instrumentalists and singers seeking to significantly improve their musicality, flow and interpretive skills.  


         Pricing: $40 for 1/2 hour, $60 for 1 hour.


Sodo Studio

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